About Us

About Us

JOFF Fintech Acquisition Corp. is a special purpose acquisition corporation whose business purpose is to identify and select attractive investment opportunities amongst superior private companies.  We will follow a disciplined process of identifying, pursuing and reviewing promising leads with a view to negotiating and completing a successful business combination. We will seek to capitalize on the significant technology and financial technology, banking, and public and private equity experience and contacts of our Chief Executive Officer, Joel Leonoff. Mr. Leonoff has over 30 years of experience as a founder, strategist, senior executive, acquirer and driving force in building multi-billion-dollar companies in technology, financial services and financial technology. Our strategy and methodology to identify and select an attractive investment opportunity is to leverage our entire management team and board of director’s network of industry, equity, private equity, investment and lending connections as well as relationships with senior executives of both public and private companies, investment bankers, and financial accounting and legal professionals and management consultants. Our primary focus is Financial Technology (Fintech).  It is not our intention to restrict our search to any single segment of the financial services ecosystem. We will target a wide variety of companies across every category of Fintech. These include:
• Alternative Lending

Companies creating new solutions for personal or commercial lending

• Banking 

Digital-first banks or companies digitizing banking services for credit and debit

• Blockchain/Crypto

Companies leveraging blockchain technologies for financial services

• Capital Markets

Sales and trading, analysis, and infrastructure tools for financial institutions

• Gaming and Sports
Companies focusing on entertainment or competition through digital gaming or eSports
• Insurance

Companies selling or distributing insurance digitally or providing data analytics and software for (re)insurers

• Real Estate

Mortgage lending, transaction digitization, and financing platforms


Companies focused on providing solutions to small-to-medium sized businesses

• Wealth Management

Personal finance tools, investment and wealth management platforms, and analytics tools